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The Mental Health Benefits of Paint by Numbers

The Mental Health Benefits of Paint by Numbers

Studies have shown the correlation between art and mental health.

Our own Paint Plot Co-Founder, Mike, suffers from a generalised anxiety disorder and started painting as a way to help manage this.

According to, “participating in the arts can enable people to deal with a wide range of mental ill-health conditions and psychological distress.”

The repetitive nature of paint by numbers works in a similar way to mindfulness and meditation. It allows your mind and hands to focus on the task at hand and complete your painting section by section. This allows you to enjoy the process of painting in a stress-free state and enjoy a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at the beautiful piece of art you’ve created in the end.

The mental health benefits of art are clear and well documented.

Paint by numbers and diamond paintings are a mindful gift that you can give to yourself or someone you care about.

You don’t need to spend hours completing a paint by number kit to enjoy the meditative benefits of art, just 10 – 20 minutes of painting per day can make a huge difference.

If you’re new to painting, you can select an easier design, with larger sections.

After another difficult year for so many people and families, we thought this was an important topic to share and we wanted to highlight some of the comments we’ve seen about painting and mental health from our wonderful Paint Plot community.

We have removed people’s names for their privacy.


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