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Sometimes, we get questions about what to do with old paint pots that have become gluggy or dried up over a long period of time.

Paints generally last over 12 months if they are stored correctly. Ideally paints should be stored, when not in use in a temperature of about between 65 and 75F (20-21C). 

If you do have a mishap with your paints, do not fear. We guarantee your paints for up to six months and if that time has passed, you can also use flow aid, which is also referred to as flow medium.

We thought a blog might help our Paint Plot community benefit from some information or tips and tricks on the benefits of flow aid/ flow medium.

We have addressed our three most common questions that we receive about acrylic flow medium.

  • What is acrylic flow medium? Flow aid/flow medium is an additive used to break up the surface tension present in the water of acrylic paint. It chemically changes the consistency of the paint without reducing colour strength or compromising the finish.
  • What’s the difference between using flow medium and water? Many people try a couple of drops of water in their paints first, which is a good idea as long as you don’t add too much.

    Acrylic flow medium increases and enhances the flow of your paint. It spreads easily and feels smooth and light under your brush. Too much water can change the intensity of the paint, making it transparent and needing multiple coats.
  • Can I use the Flow Medium straight? We would always recommend that you follow the instructions on the bottle and dilute the flow aid/medium.

However, if you open the paint pot and you notice that the paint is very thick or dry, we find that adding just a drop of straight flow medium works wonders. Investing in a packet of pipettes is perfect for this, or you can use an eye dropper if you have one handy. 

Make sure that you stir the flow medium thoroughly ensuring that you add the paint that’s in the lid to the pot.  If it’s still in need of a little more flow, we suggest then adding a drop at a time of diluted flow medium, until you get the consistency that you need.

Be aware that too much undiluted flow aid can cause grittiness to your paints, so don’t add any more than a few drops.

So, pretty much flow medium/aid not only helps spread the paints smoothly across the canvas it also gives more life to the paint.  In other words, it makes the paint go further without watering down the colour.

All of our Paint Plot paint by number kits come complete with everything you need to complete your artwork. 

If you are ready to try something new or up your painting game, we recommend that you read our blog on Paint Plot clear gesso.

Using flow aid in conjunction with clear gesso is the best way to achieve that feeling of the paint gliding smoothly across the canvas.

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