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Lina Atkinson: Super Subscriber Sunday

Lina Atkinson: Super Subscriber Sunday

Welcome back to our ‘January Super Subscriber Sunday’.

We have featured three of our Paint Plot Subscribers so far, Emily, Liz and Olivia. 

Today, with the permission of Lina we’d like to share some of her kits, helpful hints, tips and all-round camaraderie.

We love being able to showcase some of the incredible art that our community have created here on the Paint Plot Art Academy. You can also find helpful tips and tricks to help you with your crafts, behind the scenes content and famous artist profiles here.

Without further ado, we give you the fourth edition of ‘Super Subscriber Sunday’ featuring the helpful and fun Lina Atkinson.

Lina is not only a subscription box member but a very active and helpful member of our Paint Plot facebook group.

Lina received a gel medium gloss as a gift in her subscription box and decided to give it a go and include everyone else.


Lina is always helpful and ready to advise other group members.


Another subscriber recently posted “One of my favourite things about the subscription is the free gifts – I never know what’s going to arrive and now have a number of accessories that I never knew I needed.  Thanks!”

Thanks again Lina for being a Subscriber and such an active member of our facebook group.

Stay tuned for our fifth and final ‘Super Subscriber Sunday’ next week.

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