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FOR THE LOVE OF COLOUR: Unpacking the Psychology of colour

FOR THE LOVE OF COLOUR: Unpacking the Psychology of colour

Have you ever thought about what attracts you to certain colours or patterns?  Are you a person that wants to chase that rainbow or admire its beauty? Or do you prefer darker hues?

Well our Paint Plot Paint by Number and Diamond Painting enthusiasts; if the colour of psychology is something that interests you, please read on.

Have a look around at your current décor. It may be great, or some adjustment could be just what you need.

Preferences for light, warm or darker colours it is often a very individual choice. Your feelings and reaction to colour are often personal or embedded into your psyche, due to your own experiences throughout life, or due to our cultural upbringing.

An example of this would be the colour white.  In Western society white is considered a symbol of purity or innocence.  However, in many Eastern countries it is considered a symbol of mourning.

What is colour psychology?  According to Wikipedia it is the study of hues as a determinant of human behaviour.

There’s not an abundance of research available to substantiate which colours are calming to a person or which colours evoke different emotions in individuals, because everyone is different and here at Paint Plot, we believe these differences are part of what makes us incredible as humans.

You wouldn’t believe the vast contrasts we see in individual votes during our weekly Wednesday Vote. Some people love certain styles and some people do not.

We can, however, take a look at a generalised indicator of which hues are perhaps healing and calming or others that are exciting and fun.

Let’s have a look at 5 basic colours, in relation to Paint Plot’s paint by number kits.

You may be looking for inspiration to update your décor, paint a Paint Plot kit for someone special or just need a few tips.

  • Black – For some this colour can mean mystery, power and elegance. If you are looking for something of a mystery, take a look at our Symphony kit or anything from our fantasy genre.
Symphony Kit

This Symphony kit painted by Shaoping looks incredible.  Mystery, solitude and elegance.

  • White – The best thing about white is that it often symbolises a new beginning. It adds light and a sense of space to a room.  Our favourite tips for this would be the Happy Giraffe kit, Rainbow Bird kit, Hummingbird Flower kit, The Garden Door kit, Forest Wolf or try one of our exclusive to Paint Plot multi panel kits such as the beautiful Roses in Paris kit.

Magical Unicorn

Just a stunning addition to a light coloured wall.  The pink frame against the white background just makes this shine.

  • Yellow – Yellow symbolises happiness, warmth and sunshine. A perfect example is our Sunny Sunflowers kit, Blanket Flower kit, or anything from our floral selection.

Sunny Sunflowers

A job well done by one of our Paint Plotters Lauren.  It looks amazing against the blue background!

  • Red – The colour red is energetic, powerful, emotional, romantic and show stopping. If you are looking to paint something that’s going to stand out, our suggestions would be London Love kit, Blended or Blended multi panel kit, Colourful Lion, Poppy or the Tulip Field kit.  Our top pick is Joy’s Proteas.

Joy's Proteus

Wendy did this for her Mum (who grew Proteas), just stunning!  Joy took this photo as a family momento.  It’s a lovely story if you would like to read it click here.  

  • Blue – The colour blue, is definitely up for interpretation, as pointed out previously, every single person is different. For some, the old saying feeling a little blue can mean sadness.  Generally, for most of us blue is uplifting.  The blue sky or blue ocean gives us a sense of freedom, inspiration and imagination. 

So naturally our top tips for painting a calming and warm Paint Plot paint by number kit are the Calm Shore kit, Coral and Sea Turtle kit, Under the Sea multi panel kit, Tasmanian beach or just about anything from our beach selection.

Under The Sea Multi-Panel Painting

This Under the Sea multi panel kit by Joseph is amazing.  Joseph credits his daughter for getting him involved in paint by numbers and the wonderful Paint Plot community.

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