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Are you looking to step up your painting game? 

In collaboration with Melanie from Melanie B’s creative studio Paint Plot Australia has the extra tools for you to do just that.

Whilst your paint by number kit from Paint Plot Australia has everything you need to complete your art work, many of our Paint Plot friends are looking to practise new techniques and get an even better result.

Melanie B is a prominent YouTuber and has extensive experience with paint by numbers and has done a quick but very informative video tutorial on her top 5 recommendations for our Paint Plot Australia customers to help achieve the most successful results.

  1. Clear Gesso and Gesso Brush Sets

A coat of clear gesso fills in the canvas texture and allows the paints to go on in a very smooth way.  Clear gesso has a sandpaper feel and it holds onto the paint and makes the coverage perfect.

The Paint Plot Australia set of three gesso brushes complement and are ideal for painting clear gesso.

Something to keep in mind about gesso is that it’s optional – you don’t need it to create a beautiful painting but some painters prefer the end result that can be achieved with gesso. 

  1. Flow Medium or Flow Aid

Flow medium is highly recommended by Mel B and Paint Plot Australia as a tool to help with your paint by numbers because one or two drops stirred into your paint pot helps increase the movement of your paints.  It doesn’t thin down the paints and they remain creamy and consistent.

In fact, with the combination of Paint Plot Australia clear gesso and flow medium you will not have to do multiple layers of the one colour.

  1. Quality Paint Brushes

(The Mini Detail set is a must have!)

Mel B highly recommends the mini detail set for the small cells on your canvas and she suggests purchasing them, if you can afford it. 

They are perfect to use in conjunction with the set of three brushes that are supplied when you purchase your adult paint by number kit from Paint Plot Australia. 

  1. Magnifying Glass

The desk magnifying glass is an excellent tool for Paint Plot Australia paint by numbers because it clamps onto the surface that you are working on.  Whether you work on a lap board or a desk it sits above your paint by number canvas and helps you to see the tiny cells easier. 

  1. TableTop Easel

There are many benefits to using a Paint Plot Australia tabletop easel. Our top three reasons are:

  • The most obvious of course is not having to bend over a desk or table top.
  • Your artwork can remain on the tabletop easel better protecting it from unintentional spillages or dust as it is sitting vertical.
  • Your adult paint by number is easier to reach and work with and smudging other cells is unlikely.

Once again, we thank Mel B for sharing her extensive knowledge with our Paint Plot Australia family.


We know that if you are ready to scale up your painting game, Mel B’s top 5 tools for Paint Plot Australia paint by numbers will be invaluable.

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