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Welcome back to our ‘Super Subscriber Sunday’ series for January 2023.

If you missed our story on Emily last week, you can take a look here

Here at Paint Plot, we are a small business and every order is important to us.

We know that our wonderful Paint Plot community are part of what makes our brand unique and so, as a way of celebrating this, we thought it would be good to showcase a few of our subscription customers.

We hope you enjoy this five-part series, which we will share each Sunday during the month of January.

Relax, put your paint brush down and make yourself a cuppa as we spotlight our second ‘Sunday Super Subscriber,’ Liz Schaumann.

Well what can we say about Liz?  She is one of the most helpful, inspiring and engaging Subscription Members in our community.

Here are some of the incredible paintings that Liz has completed:


As a subscription member, Liz earns new badges virtually as she paints and free gifts with every box.

Liz is one of our most active and encouraging members and is always ready to give help and encouragement to others in the Paint Plot community. She also helps to keep the conversation flowing.


Thanks to our wonderful community, we now have over 14,700 people in our facebook community group.

There are so many benefits to joining our subscription program and January is the perfect time to create new, healthy habits. When you sign up for a subscription, you can pause or cancel anytime and it's cheaper than buying kits on their own.

Check out the benefits here.

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