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Super Subscriber Sunday: Emily Prestianni

Super Subscriber Sunday: Emily Prestianni

Happy New Year to our wonderful Paint Plot Community. 

We hope you’ve had a great Festive Season and that you now have some time off to do what you really want.  Relax and paint of course!

As a small business, your support is important to us and very much appreciated.

The camaraderie and encouragement that is shown within our closed Facebook community is inclusive, abundant and welcoming.

To say thanks and to kick start our Art Academy for 2023 we would like to feature some of our subscribers each Sunday afternoon for the month of January.

We have reached out to a few or our Subscription Members and with their permission we would like to showcase some of their paintings, helpful tips and general kindness that they have shown to other members of our group.

Our first member that we would like to feature in our ‘Super Subscriber Sunday’ is Emily Prestianni.

Emily is one of our Subscription Members and has completed so many Paint Plot paint by numbers, we are sure you will agree that they all look amazing.


These are just a few of Emily’s impressive stash.  The Italian Lake, which was completed last year was Emily’s 21st Paint Plot paint by number. 

The Red Fox took Emily only 4 days to complete.  Very impressive!

We’d like to thank Emily for letting us share her paintings today and for always being encouraging and helpful within our Paint Plot community.

If you don’t have a subscription membership, you are missing all the benefits!

Let’s take a look together.

  • Save from $14.50 to $9.00 for each painting delivered. If you order with or without a framing kit.
  • You can choose between a paint by number, diamond painting (you don’t have to stick to one or the other, you can change it up each selection) or we’ll choose a mystery painting for you.
  • 1,2, or 3 monthly pay and delivery options.
  • Priority access to new artwork (never miss out again).
  • 20% off all additional orders while a member.
  • Surprise gift each month, or whichever option you choose.
  • Earn virtual badges, sent to you via email. 
Sign up for the subscription now.


Stay tuned for next week.  We have another very active and helpful ‘Super Subscriber’ called Liz.

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