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Buy 2 Get 1 Free! Use Code: BUY2

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Here at Paint Plot, we have been blown away by our supportive, creative and encouraging online community.

Our customers are supportive of us and each other.  As a small business, the feedback and suggestions that we get from each of you, is invaluable.

That’s why, when we decided to launch a membership program, we asked for your feedback. Our online community helped us to prioritise what to include in our monthly (or bi-monthly) subscription service and helped us to create something new and exciting for our customers.

We’re very excited that our Paint Plot Membership program is available in Australia and New Zealand now.

Early members have started receiving their new Paint Plot Membership packs and sharing their experiences in our closed facebook community group.

We’ve worked hard to pack as many benefits as possible in for our Paint Plot Members, based on the things that you told us were most important to you.


First of all, you will receive a brand-new paint by number design (never painted before) delivered to your door each month. The painting will be in a category that you have selected, based on the new designs that are available each month (or every two months if you choose this option).

Each time your paint by number subscription arrives, your reference picture will be in a sealed envelope, so you can choose whether you want to take a peek at the design or let it stay a mystery and unfold in front of you as you paint.

In each subscription box, you will receive a free surprise gift. This will be different each month.

The subscription box is excellent value at $33.90 AUD per month, with all the added benefits. If you want to up your painting game, you can also purchase any additional Paint Plot products, like easels, mini detailed brushes, magnifying glasses or paint brush holders with a unique 20% off code.

Since paint by numbers make a wonderful gift, painted or un painted, you can also use your code for 20% off gifts for friends or family or any additional designs that you’d like for yourself!

We also offer Paint Plot Diamond Paintings at 20% off for our subscribers, so you can try out the wonderful world of 5D diamond art.

When we release new paintings, they often sell out very quickly.  We know this can be very disappointing and we do our best to make sure everyone has a chance to get their hands on popular designs. If you join our Paint Plot Subscription Program you will have first access to these new paintings.

The first month you sign up, you'll become a Paint Plot Beginner Artist.  The more you paint, the higher membership tier you receive.  You'll receive virtual pins via email.

Our Paint Plot Membership program is a monthly or bi-monthly service. It’s up to you how often you would like to receive your painting packs and it can be cancelled at any time (there are no lock in contracts).

Paint Plot Memberships are $33.90 per subscription box, so you save over $15 on your painting kit and get a free gift, your membership pin and 20% off further orders while a member for free!

Here are a few posts from our first Paint Plot Members, thanks for joining the inner circle and we can’t wait to see your creations come to life. 

Sign up today.

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