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Hello and Welcome to our blog on the best paint by numbers for beginners.

We get so many questions about this topic, so, we have decided to:

  • Help you choose the ‘best paint by numbers for beginners’ by giving you our best guide.
  • Add more incredible ‘best paint by numbers for beginners’ to our exclusive selection of Paint Plot paint by numbers.

Here at Paint Plot, we commission artists from all over the world to create unique and awesome designs for our customers. This gives us depth and variety, as we know everyone has different and individual tastes when it comes to your paint by number canvas. Most importantly, this means that our artists are paid for their work which unfortunately is not always the case on other websites.

Phoebe Dunn who is a talented artist from Melbourne and the creator of our very popular ‘Upside Down Giraffe and Happy Giraffe’ has created another three amazing paintings that are perfect paint by numbers for beginners.

We have a lovely story and interview with Phoebe if you would like an insight into this spontaneous, colourful and quirky Australian Artist.

You can read it below.

Phoebe has created our new Happy Panda, Cheeky Monkey and Swinging Monkey paint by numbers kits. These are the best paint by numbers for beginners because they have large cells. 

Not only do these paint by numbers look incredible upon completion but they are easier and will help you practise your painting techniques, especially if you are new to paint by numbers.

We know that sometimes the amount of information about Paint by Numbers can be a little overwhelming. In your Paint Plot kit, you’ll get everything you need to create the perfect painting every time and everything else is just a bonus. The main thing is that you relax and enjoy the process.

Our most popular designs for beginners and the designs that we would highly recommend here at Paint Plot are:

  • The Red Fox
  • Hummingbird and Flower kit
  • Happy Giraffe kit
  • Upside Down Giraffe kit

Upside down giraffe paint by numbers

And of course our new ‘best paint by numbers for beginners’ range

  • The Panda
  • The Monkey
  • The Purple Monkey

Cheeky Monkey Paint by Numbers for Beginners
These are just a guide from us here at Paint Plot Australia, in reality anyone can complete any of the paintings on our website with plenty of time to sit back and relax while you paint.

When you order a paint by number kit from Paint Plot Australia everything you need to complete your artwork is included.

  • A premium quality canvas
  • All the paints required to complete the painting in individual paint pots with numbered paint
  • All of our painting kits are acrylic paintings with high quality materials
  • 3 different sized paint brushes

A frame is optional but highly recommended. Your diy paint by numbers masterpiece needs to be displayed once finished!

Occasionally some customers run out of paint. If this happens, please send us an email at and we will happily send you the colour you have run out of free of charge (and as soon as possible).

If you are a beginner, we suggest trying out one of the designs we’ve suggested above first because of the big cells. This way you can work your way up to the more intricate paintings. 

Of course you may just want to start with a more intricate design which is okay as well. No previous painting experience is necessary and you can take your time, relax and enjoy.

We are very lucky here at Paint Plot to have an incredible inclusive, informative and encouraging closed facebook community. We have learnt so much with the tips and tricks that have been shared in this wonderful group.

You can join here and browse the posts while you're waiting for you're watching your paints dry.

We have a Paint Plot Subscription Membership program which offers discounts, early access for new artwork, surprise monthly gifts. If you would like to learn more, click here:

Our favourite thing is to see your finished or ‘in progress’ artwork. So please don’t forget to share or let us know if you think there is something we could do to help you through the colourful and relaxing journey of paint by numbers.

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