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“When people see my art, I want them to feel happiness; that love and dreams do come true”

Here at Paint Plot, we are committed to finding interesting artists and genres from around the world to share with our community.

We are delighted to introduce you to Aron of @AronVisuals.  Aron is a creative with a real passion for life, people and art.

Aron is a 22-year-old digital artist who was born in North Macedonia. His artwork is all about telling a story and viewing life in an alternate way. He can’t wait to see his images being re-created by our Paint Plot community. 

  • Can you describe your creative style? What is the process you use to create these?

I would describe my work as Surreal Digital Art, meaning it’s a mixture of reality and fantasy.  I find comfort and relaxation in darkness and night as I can enter into a world of dreams and imagination.

A lot of thought and effort goes into my artwork.  I look at stock photos to get ideas and this helps me get a vision.  I often sleep on this, write notes and then I use Photoshop to help create my art.

My mission is to express my emotions in the artwork as much as possible, so that people want to look and enjoy my gallery.   I’m obsessed with the universe, galaxy, moon etc. so this is of course a huge influence on my work.

  • Do you have any hobbies that people might not expect?

For the past 2 years much of my daily routine is creating as I love it.

When I’m relaxing I enjoy watching movies, playing games or listening to music. I love to go outside to walk, appreciate nature and roller skate.

  • What inspires you?

My first response would be life.

People and their stories, real events, my own personal experiences and music… I only listen to metal rock and the symphonic genre as I find they help me create scenes and give me ideas. 

  • Who are your favourite Artists?

This is a very hard question because it's difficult to choose. When I was a photographer one of my favourite photographers, was and still is, Bryan Adam Castillo.  I won a competition hosted by Bryan and it was such an honour!

In the Surreal Digital Art genre it is Swedish born Erik Johansson, one of the best ever for me. I have had the privilege to chat with him on many occasions he is such an inspiration and an amazing guy as well.  The artwork that he creates is out of this world… literally.

  • If you were a Super hero, which one would you be and why?

I would say Batman, because he was hit by a tragedy, which gave him a life purpose. Instead of hunting down the criminals responsible for his parent’s death, he made himself be a symbol, which is the incorruptible. He always seeks justice, not revenge. No matter how many times villains try to break him, he keeps coming back. Never give up.


  • Do you paint?

At the moment I’m not painting however, this is how my journey began.  I was naturally gifted at drawing which led to photography and now onto my passion as a Digital Artist.  I’m always upgrading and looking for new challenges. 

  • We will be releasing some of your artwork as paint by numbers in our new galaxy collection, are you interested to see how the paintings come out and do you have any tips for those who are going to paint your designs?

Yes of course, I am so excited about this and to finally see it!

I remember how impressed I was and still am about you guys, from your idea and everything you are doing is so unique and I am proud to be a part of it.   I’m looking forward to ordering one myself so that I can paint my own artwork.

Do you have any tips for anyone who is thinking about painting one of your creations?

I really hope that people will feel the emotion in my artwork.  In our life not everything can be beautiful.  I’m hoping if you look deeply into my artwork you will understand the point. 

I have said many times that not everything is as dark as it seems to be in our life, dark and bad days are part of our life and we need to learn to control and accept them.  We all need to keep going and believing in better days. 

Every little light and piece of magic you see in there represents hope and a belief that you never get lost forever. So grab your headphones and start painting my dreams.

I can’t wait to see the finished paintings!


Horizons Paint by Numbers by Aron Visuals

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