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Join the Paint Plot Australia Community Group on Facebook

Join the Paint Plot Australia Community Group on Facebook

Here at Paint Plot, we are small business.

Our premium paint by numbers kits are sent from our warehouse on the Gold Coast and every order is celebrated and then carefully packed by our small team.

We also feel lucky to work with incredible artists from all over the world. When you buy a painting kit from Paint Plot, you can enjoy it knowing that the artist has been properly compensated, that you’re enjoying exclusive designs and that there’s a team close by to help, in case anything does go wrong (like you want to do two coats of a colour and run out).

But… What really sets us apart is you, our wonderful community.

We have an incredible group of customers who share finished art work, tips, advice and incredible creations with us and each other.

To help spread the painting love, we created a closed facebook community group, where art enthusiasts can share tips, art works in progress or finished designs.

There are almost 5,000 wonderful members of this community and you can be a part of it too, just click here to join.

Here are a few of our favourite posts from the group, there are thousands more to explore when you join the community:


Join the Paint Plot community group on Facebook.

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