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Top Tips For Staying Motivated While You Paint

Top Tips For Staying Motivated While You Paint

We called upon our wonderful Paint Plot community and asked them what keeps them motivated whilst painting. 

Sometimes when you have been looking at the same canvas for a while and you see that colourful one sitting in your stash, it can be tempting to start another.

Some Paint Plot community members have admitted that they just stop, if they are not feeling the love and start something new.  Once they finish the new one, they go back and finish off the original. 

We thought we could help with “our 5 top tips for staying motivated while you paint”.  We have drawn on our own experience and that of our wonderful Paint Plot community.

  • Try a different strategy.

Choose sections at a time, instead of single colours.  That way you can see parts of the image starting to form, which can keep your momentum going. 

This is a supportive and inclusive group.  Not only will you get to see ‘in progress’ and ‘completed paintings’, but you get to chat to like minded crafters in an encouraging and fun space.  All our competitions are posted on our closed facebook group and you could win yourself a Paint Plot paint by number or diamond painting kit.

  • Listen to a podcast.

Is there anything better than popping in your ear pods and listening to your favourite music or podcast while you paint?  It’s a way of getting ‘out of your head’ and concentrating on the task at hand.

We are producing some great podcasts here in Australia.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • The Aunty Donna Podcast (comedy)
  • It’s a lot with Abbie Chatfield (Lifestyle - dealing with a range of daily life issues such as feminism, dating, mental health and lots of laughs)
  • The Imperfects (A mental health podcast with genuine depth)
  • The Sure Thing (Crime - two mates caught up in Australia’s biggest ever insider trading heist – riveting)
  • Level up your painting game.

Learn new skills and practise them while you paint.  Learn how to blend in our tutorial or read our blogs and learn about when to use flow aid or gesso.  Try mixing and matching your colours or add a little detail to your painting to make it your own and unique.

  • Mindfulness and Achievement.

The most important thing is to remember why you started your artwork in the first place.  Mindfulness and crafts are gifts that you can give yourself.  Even 20 minutes a day can help dissipate the stresses of life.

Achievement and the success of completing something builds confidence and encourages us to try different things out of our comfort zone.

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