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Paint Plot In The Media

Paint Plot In The Media

Here at Paint Plot, we are a small business, our goal is to help our community enjoy your experience while you create stunning art.

You might know that Paint Plot was started by Mike and Tova. Paint by numbers was recommended to Mike as a way to help him manage his anxiety but he wasn’t happy with the quality or range of art that was available.

So, Paint Plot was born.

Today, we wanted to share some of the publications with you that have helped us to spread the word about our business and products over the past three years.


In 2020, Paint Plot was featured in the Australia Post Delivering for Australia Campaign. This campaign was published on the Australia Post website, ran on TV and in the Qantas magazine.

You can read one of the articles by clicking on this link and we’ve included a few pictures below.

In 2021, Paint Plot was featured on ABC News and ABC Business Insider, discussing the impacts that changes to Google legislation in Australia would have on small businesses. We’ve included a few of the pictures below.


Paint Plot has also been featured on numerous craft and activities websites, YouTube channels and countless social media accounts over the past three years. We’ve loved seeing every single bright and beautiful painting come to life.

A few of our favourites have been Melanie Gilstrap’s YouTube channel and blog. Melanie is a popular craft YouTuber and has chosen to feature Paint Plot on a number of occasions before creating some instructional content on tools and blending, especially for our community.

Another favourite blog of ours is Mama Knows, which offers mums ideas for activities and experiences in Melbourne, Australia. Mama Knows South painted our Hummingbird design and shared her experience on her blog, which you can read by clicking here.

With over 2,500 five star reviews, you can be sure that if you purchase your paint by number kit from Paint Plot, you are buying:

  • From a reputable, small business.
  • From a company that has over 50 exclusive designs that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • From a place where our artists have all been properly compensated, which sadly is not the case for many craft brands online.
  • A company that is focused on the customer service.
  • A company that listens to their community.
  • From a brand that has fast shipping (shipped from Australia) and a focus on customer service, our goal is to make you happy!

By listening to our community, we are able to continually enhance our products and get some fresh ideas that helps us grow together.

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