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Paint Plot Australia: Paint by Numbers Customer Reviews

Paint Plot Australia: Paint by Numbers Customer Reviews

Welcome to Paint Plot Australia.

If you are looking for a hobby or something to help with stress relief after a long day, paint by numbers is for you. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting back and watching your canvas come to life..

Many of our Paint Plot Australia customer reviews speak of the feeling of achievement upon completion, because most of them have no previous painting experience.  Paint by numbers has a selection for everyone, experienced or beginners.

We are a small business and every customer is important to us.  If you order a canvas that is in stock we can usually have it delivered within 7 days.        

Browse our paint by numbers collection for adults.

We have some Paint Plot Australia customer reviews for you to check out.  We are sure you will agree they all look amazing and the common theme is, they cannot wait to start their next project!


Brody M.
I have just finished my Elephant! Luckily I bought 3 more…. Super addictive


Tasha T.
I was so excited to get my PBN from Paint Plot today! Started the hidden castle, so amazing and such a great stress reliever.  One thing about PBN is you can just put music on and not think about any issues! Here is what I’ve done so far!

Paint Plot Australia reviews Emma

Emma G.
My happy giraffe ready to hang on the wall. I love the black in it.

 Paint Plot Australia reviews Ilona

Ilona S
I did the BUY 3 get one free. Doing the third one now. The 4th is the vintage old town, which has tiny cells, so that’s last lol.

Paint Plot Australia reviews Szabina

Szabina V.
Finished my first painting and I couldn’t be happier! It’s on the wall! Love this project.

 Paint Plot Australia reviews Marisa

Marisa E.
Finished this one #paintplotaustralia.


Paint Plot Australia reviews Jess

Jess H.
Ocean sunrise was my first painting and the giraffe is my latest – the magical tornado is in the middle but waiting for some more paint to finish.
Absolutely love this! I’ve just ordered 4 more.  Love painting so much.

Paint Plot Australia reviews Brodie 

Brodie M.
Loved painting the first one…so far loving the second.

Paint Plot Australia customer reviews Emma

Emma G.
Finished my first painting. I’m excited for the new ones to be available!

 Paint Plot Australia customer reviews Tiarne

Tiarne W.
Ten Peaks all done!

Paint Plot Australia customer reviews Eboney 


Eboney B.
My collection so far, just ordered another.


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Our Paint Plot Australia customer reviews are essential to us, because our mandate is to keep all customers satisfied.  Don’t forget to share your paintings.

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