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Mindful Monday - Joanne's Journey

Mindful Monday - Joanne's Journey

Let's jump into the colourful world of one of our awesome Paint Plot subscribers—say hi to Joanne!

Joanne's story is like a burst of paint on a fresh canvas, a playful dive into the world of paint by numbers.

You've probably seen Joanne within our closed Paint Plot facebook group because she has shared a whopping 19 kits and counting.

Joanne stumbled upon the paint by numbers scene for some cheerful downtime, looking for a bit of peace in life's challenging moments.

In our lively Paint Plot community Joanne isn't just a subscriber; she's a burst of creative energy. The canvas turned into her happy place, a spot where she twirled through life's ups and downs, leaving her cool mark without missing a step.

Joanne is all in, not just showing off her creations but also digging into the kits of other Paint Plotters.

From the Streets of Paris to a quick stop with London Love, Joanne's artsy journey is a high-five to creativity and toughness in our Paint Plot crew.

Every canvas she lays hands on becomes another fun chapter in her ongoing tale of creative exploration, leaving a mark on the big canvas of expressions in our Paint Plot community.

Stepping into 2024, let's keep this journey going, soaking up the good vibes of art, getting into the mindfulness groove, and having each other's backs on the sanity front.

Stick around for more stories and inspiration from our wild and talented Paint Plot family!

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