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Get Paint by Numbers Online From Paint Plot Australia

Get Paint by Numbers Online From Paint Plot Australia

Reflecting over these past two months of isolation and social distancing, we are grateful that Australia has not had the number of cases that was first predicted and that our country was able to flatten the curve.

We know that this time apart has been difficult for many in our communities. Indoor activities have increased and Paint by Numbers has been a beneficial activity for some. 

Here at Paint Plot Australia, we are very passionate about our Paint by Numbers kits for adults and we strive to offer the best service in Australia in this space.  

If you’re thinking about starting paint by numbers or looking for a new provider of paint by numbers kits online, we hope you’ll consider our little store.

Here are five reasons why you should order a Paint by Numbers kit online from us here at Paint Plot Australia.

  • We deliver the highest quality. We have had a lot of feedback from our happy customers commenting on the lovely quality of our cotton/linen blend canvas and the ease of reading the numbers.  The numbers can be a challenge for some so we are very happy to hear this.  We still recommend taking a photo with your phone to zoom in as lines can be painted over by mistake.
  • We aim to offer the most unique range of exclusive paint by numbers kits online for the Paint Plot Australia community. To do this, we work closely with artists and photographers from all around the world to offer a range that is unique and can only be found here. In doing this, we ask for suggestions and recommendations from our customers as these paintings are being developed so that our talented artists have the input of our customers.
  • Our warehouse is based on the Gold Coast Queensland, so all deliveries are within Australia, therefore hassle free and arrive quickly. If the painting you want is in stock our dedicated staff can normally have it delivered within 5 days, unless there are unexpected delays with shipping providers (we ship using Australia Post who we find to be the most reliable provider).
  • Our Paint by Number kits come with everything you need to complete your painting. As previously mentioned a good quality canvas, three different sized paint brushes and ample paint to complete your canvas.  Occasionally we get requests for extra paint, which we will happily send to you, free of charge so that you are guaranteed to finish your painting.  A frame is optional to purchase but highly recommended because that means that you can proudly display your painting in your home when you are done! 
  • We believe that happy customers are the key to a successful store so we put our customers first here at Paint Plot Australia. Our customer service team answers questions and packs and sends orders with care and love. You will be hard pressed to find this level and quality of service elsewhere.

We have a wonderful closed community group on facebook
. This group has been set up to help with tips, tricks and ideas to help and support each other through the delightful journey of paint by numbers.  No judgement or negative comments are allowed though. 

We look forward to checking out ideas, suggestions and an insight into how a particular painting will look upon completion.  Of course our favourite thing is to see and share our masterpieces.

Paint by numbers has long been regarded as a fun, rewarding and stress free hobby.  Many of our Paint Plot Australia customers speak of the feeling of achievement upon completion, because many of them have no previous experience.  Our paint by numbers online kit selections  have something for everyone.

Now we will leave you with a relaxing thought.


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