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Welcome to the wonderful and colourful world of Paint Plot Diamond Painting kits!

If you haven’t tried this relaxing hobby yet, this blog will tell you all about it and if you have, you might learn something you didn’t know about 5D diamond art.

Diamond Paintings are a relatively new creative hobby, Diamond Painting Kits were created in Asia around 2010 and over the past ten years, they have become a much-loved feature of the crafting community.

They are also known as Paint with Diamonds or 5D diamond painting kits.

These eye-catching kits are not really true to name as they are not paintings as such. They are similar to paint by number kits, in that you match the corresponding colours/symbols to the canvas however, they are done with resin diamonds, which you stick to the canvas and the end result is striking.

The Paint Plot Diamond Painting kits come with everything you need to complete your stunning piece of artwork.

what's included

It includes:

  • A diamond painting canvas of your choice. The canvas has a special adhesive layer and protective film to help the diamonds stick. It is printed with numbers and symbols that correspond with the diamonds. There is a legend printed along the side which you can use to help guide you. 
  • The packets of diamonds; which are clearly marked with the corresponding number or symbols and separated by color. They need to remain this way because as you could imagine, mixing them up could become very confusing!
  • The diamond applicator pen and wax.This process is easy and relaxing. You dip the nib of the pen into the wax, so it has a little wax in the end of the pen. Use the pen to pick up each diamond and place it on your canvas and watch it come to life.

    You don’t need to use too much wax, just a little and then replace it once the diamonds no longer stick.

  • Diamond Tray. Place diamonds from the current colour you are working on in to the diamond tray. Always finish one colour at a time to save colours being mixed by mistake. A handy hint for beginners would be to start with smaller colours and work your way up.
  • A frame (stretcher bars). The frame is optional however, we highly recommend purchasing one as once you are finished your masterpiece it needs to be hung on the wall for everyone to see!

    finished sunflower diamond painting

Here at Paint Plot, our customers are our main priority. You make us so happy and we want to make you happy too!

We offer premium quality canvases and ongoing unique designs that are available only through our store. 

All orders are processed and sent by our wonderful little warehouse team within two business days and will be on their way to their new home, with you.

The thing we love the most is the positive feedback we get from our amazing and supportive customers. 

Don’t forget to share your Diamond Painting kit with the Paint Plot Diamonds community either on your journey or when you are finished.

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