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We've Had a Fresh Coat of Paint - Find Out What's New With Our Website and Subscriptions

We've Had a Fresh Coat of Paint - Find Out What's New With Our Website and Subscriptions

We’re excited to share that we’ve given our website a fresh coat of paint over the holidays.

What’s New:

  • A vibrant design for your creative inspiration
  • Easier navigation to explore our growing collection of art
  • Improved search to help you find your next masterpiece easily
  • Updated images to help you take a closer look at our range
  • A new, simplified method of managing upcoming subscription selections
  • More freedom to change your frequencies, preferences and personal information as a subscriber
  • No more complicated forms to select your designs

We wanted to provide some instructions to help minimise any confusion for our wonderful customers.

We’re here for you, if you need any help our get stuck, please reach out to our friendly team.

There are some important things that we'd love for you to keep in mind:

  • You can now change your upcoming painting preferences when you're logged into the website until your upcoming order has been generated.
    Once it has been generated, unfortunately, changing your selection is no longer possible and you will need to make a new selection for your next order.
    We will send you an email to remind you to pick a new painting when your order is coming up.

  • If you do not select a painting prior to your upcoming order being created, you will be sent a new design by default - we've put aside awesome and exclusive new designs for our subscription customers.

  • If you have a subscription with a frame, this will now come through on your bank statement as one product and one line, instead of two - the price is the same and has not changed.

Now to the fun part - here are some new functions and areas for you to explore:

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