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Paint Plot Artist Features | Meet Szabo | The photographer of the Red Fox Paint by Numbers kit

Posted by Beck Keogh on

Here at Paint Plot, we are lucky to work with some amazing artists from across and the world and from time to time, we like to introduce them to our community. These artists help us to offer the most diverse range of exclusive paint by number’s kits available anywhere.

We are very happy to be able to exclusively offer the Red Fox paint by numbers kit from Paint Plot.

So, we caught up with the photographer of this original image, Szabo Ervin, who perfectly captured this very lifelike photo.

Szabo’s nature and landscape photographs are amazing in that they are so vivid and naturalistic.  His love of family, nature and the country he was born and resides in, is evident in the portrayal of his photos.  Be sure to read the Q&A as it’s a personable insight into a young man who clearly loves nature and all the beauty it has to offer. 

Paint Plot Red Fox Original Photo

Szabo could you tell us a little about yourself? Where were you born and where are you living now?   

My name is Szabo Ervin Edward, I was born in Transylvania and I live in a small town surrounded by mountains and forests with large landscapes in Transylvania (Romania). I am a 30-year-old nature loving guy.

I would characterize myself as someone who is passionate about exploring and capturing the explored journey for future generations. This passion guided me to photography which has become a big part of my life. My love for nature allows and helps me to capture shots that other people probably would miss.

We see that a lot of your photos are taken during the Winter months, is this your favorite season?   

For me, the winter season is always an exciting season. As the winter arrives everything changes around us, and a new and purified landscape presents itself. Anything can influence your photography, the winter season is no exception to this. Some seasons have more influence than others but winter is definitely one of my favorites.

Szabo instagram

Your pictures are extremely vivid, what do you look for when you are taking photos?   

My favorite moments of the day would be the sunrise and sunset, when the lights and shadows are in perfect harmony, therefore the colors are vivid, I try to capture the effect that I see in that moment. 

As a photographer you need to be able to see and seize the opportunities that different times of the day offer. In addition, I am very focused on the composition, I try to take the picture in a way that I don’t have to edit it too much after I have taken it. 

It can be difficult to capture color in the snow, do you have any tips to help budding photographers with this?   

In the winter white is the most significant color. However, I like to find places where I can show other colors that contrast against the white, to make the photo more vibrant and lively.

White symbolizes peace, purity and calmness in nature and so when I can show some contrast against the white I think it symbolizes that nature is taking a rest and that life will inevitably start again once the winter is over.

Do you have a favorite place to take photographs? 

Yes I do! It is close to my hometown and the beautiful place is called Saint Anna Lake. It is the only volcanic lake in Romania.

It is really close to my heart because it is where I first fell in love with photography.

The landscape, the wild life and all the beautiful opportunities that this place offers for a beginner or a professional photographer makes me go back over and over again. It always shows me something new and exciting, and so it has become my favorite place to shoot.

Szabo Romania

Szabo what has been the biggest influence on your art? 

I have won numerous awards for photography. But the biggest impact was when the National Geographic and National Geographic Magazine shared my work on their Social Media. 

What do you like most about photography?

Nature has always been close to my heart. As a kid I always loved to venture into the nearby woods to explore and see new things, and so my love for nature started when I was young. 

As an adult, nature has become a place where I go to feel free from everyday stress. It’s here that I capture the pure beauty, wilderness and peacefulness that natural landscapes offer.

 What gives you the most joy in life?    

This is such a great question! 

There are so many things to be thankful for but I will list just a few. The greatest joy in life for me is love, photography in the wilderness, quiet nature, chirping of birds, sunrise and night campfires in the forest with my family, it’s all about nature. 

You can create a perfect painting every time, using Paint Plot’s Red Fox kit.

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