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Shayla. T
Verified Purchase

I’ve bought two so far and I absolutely love them! ❤️ Great for beginners or if you just want to have some fun. I’ll definitely be purchasing more in the future!

Karla. A
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I LOVE IT!!!!! Buying another soon !!!!! It was so easy, cheap and fun! The paints are more than enough!

Brenda. H
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It is on a true canvas and it comes with all the paints you need plus the brushes...I can't wait to get it finished, so i can order another one #paintplot

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Posted by Rebecca Keogh on


Welcome to our Paint Plot basics for beginner’s paint by numbers guide.

We are very excited to be able to bring this short and very informative YouTube video to you that we’ve created in collaboration with Melanie B’s Creative Studio.

We get so many questions from our Paint Plot community regarding basic tips and tricks for beginners of paint by numbers.

With Mel’s expertise on paint by numbers for adults we are very excited to share her basic tips and tricks for beginners of paint by numbers with our community.

Mel has a very informative and relaxed style and her beginner’s tips and tricks have been invaluable to our Paint Plot family.

We have embedded the video below, so you can watch it now, or if you are short on time or can’t turn the sound on right now, we have a few of Mel’s basic tips and tricks for beginners to Paint Plot paint by numbers.

  • Relax and enjoy every minute of your paint by number journey. Make the painting yours and enjoy watching the canvas come to life.
  • Everything you need to complete your artwork is included in your kit. You get three quality brushes; the flat brush is for larger areas and the small fine brushes are for the more intricate cells.  Sometimes the hair on the brush can be uneven, if this is the case Mel suggests trimming them to the one length.
    A great quality canvas.
    Good quality, creamy paints.
    A reference guide to double check any numbers you might have painted over. As a bonus, when you order from Paint Plot, you can email with your order details and we’ll send you the PDF so you can zoom in on your computer.
  • A glass of water and paper towel will be your best friend. The brushes need to be rinsed between colors and the paper towel is for just about anything (including spillage) but mainly for drying the brushes. 
  • The question of where to start for a beginner to Paint Plot paint by number’s can be daunting. Don’t let it be because there is no right or wrong way to enjoy this process.  A tip for beginners is: if you are right handed, start from the top left, this will avoid smudging your artwork.  If you are left handed start from the top right-hand side.
  • During transit often some of the paint will end up in the lid. Use this first and make sure that when you are finished using a particular pot you close it properly, this will keep your paint fresh.  Avoid leaving your brush heads upside down in water as this will reduce the longevity of the brushes. 
  • Don’t worry too much about going over the lines. Whilst Mel does her best to keep within the lines she doesn’t stress because it can be fixed with the next color.

We are very proud to partner with Mel and to help share her extensive knowledge and obvious passion for sharing her expertise. She is helping Paint Plot share the addiction of paint by numbers all over the world.

There’s nothing we love more than seeing your creativity and passion come to life. So don’t forget to share your journey with us via email at or in our supportive facebook group.

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