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I’ve bought two so far and I absolutely love them! ❤️ Great for beginners or if you just want to have some fun. I’ll definitely be purchasing more in the future!

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I LOVE IT!!!!! Buying another soon !!!!! It was so easy, cheap and fun! The paints are more than enough!

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It is on a true canvas and it comes with all the paints you need plus the brushes...I can't wait to get it finished, so i can order another one #paintplot

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Michael's Paint By Numbers: Meet Mick From Paint Plot

Posted by Beck Keogh on

If you haven’t visited us before, welcome to the Paint Plot blog!

Here, we like to sure useful information about painting and share profiles on our customers, artists and others in the Paint Plot community.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of the owners of Paint Plot, Michael. If you’re one of our customers, you would have seen Mike’s name at the bottom of our emails, along with his partner Tova.

Michael’s paint by number’s journey started back in 2017, when he was looking for an activity to help him after being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Tova, who loves art suggested paint by numbers.

When Michael and Tova were looking for paint by numbers kits, they became frustrated with the selection, quality and level of service that was available so they decided to start Paint Plot paint by numbers.

We sat down with Mike for a Q and A to learn a little bit more about his love of Paint by Numbers.


Click here to learn more about Tova from paint plot.

Firstly, if you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

I would probably be a whale. I have spent my first life above the surface so it would be interesting to see more of what’s below the Ocean.

Michael what was your first paint by number kit that you did and why did you choose it?

It was a beach scene.  My immediate and extended family and friends holiday together in a small coastal town in Australia.  We have spent every Christmas there since I can remember, so for me the beach is very relaxing and calming. To paint the sand and water was soothing.

Now that I know more about paint by numbers, I’d probably recommend an abstract piece for anyone who is just starting out, the sections are bigger so they are great to paint for the first time.

What do you love about paint by numbers for adults?

I instantly loved it the first time that I tried it. Painting is relaxing and I find that I can go to another place when I’m painting so it helps me to be calm.

One of the best things about paint by numbers is that you don’t need any experience, I hadn’t painted before so I was a little bit worried that my painting wouldn’t work out but you get a great painting every time, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert.

What are your other hobbies aside from paint by numbers?

I really enjoy things that support both physical and mental well-being, I think it’s so important and can help you manage when things get tough. Tova and I love to go for walks, swim and go to the gym. I also really love to snowboard, it makes me feel free. 

What or who inspires you?

Right now? I would say the nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers. Working in poor conditions and putting their lives at risk to help others.

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