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I’ve bought two so far and I absolutely love them! ❤️ Great for beginners or if you just want to have some fun. I’ll definitely be purchasing more in the future!

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I LOVE IT!!!!! Buying another soon !!!!! It was so easy, cheap and fun! The paints are more than enough!

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It is on a true canvas and it comes with all the paints you need plus the brushes...I can't wait to get it finished, so i can order another one #paintplot

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Best Animal Paint by Number Kits in the USA

Posted by Anne Mills on

Best Animal Paint by Number Kits in the USA

One request that we hear often is for more animal paint by number kits. People just can’t seem to get enough of different types of animals to sit back and enjoy painting!

Here at Paint Plot, our goal is to offer the broadest range of animal paint by number kits. We love working with talented artists, photographers and illustrators alike to ensure that our exclusive range has the best animal paint by number kits available.

Paint by numbers for adults has numerous benefits.  Research has shown that a hobby such as painting helps to reduce stress and can be a great way to balance out your work and relaxation ratio.

It is a fun and rewarding activity that you can do without any prior painting experience. 

The Paint Plot kit comes with a canvas of your choice, three good quality paint brushes of varied sizes, and the paint pots, a frame comes at an optional additional cost however, we highly recommend purchasing one.

Check out our guide to stretching and framing your paint by number canvas by clicking here.

We supply you with everything you need so all you have to do is sit back relax and enjoy watching your canvas come to life.

The three top reasons why our customers choose animal paint by numbers kits from Paint Plot are:

  • Our animal painting kit range is varied and many are exclusive to Paint Plot. 
  • We are continually working with our artists and paint plot community to ensure that we have the best animal paint by number kits in the world so we introduce fresh art work all the time.
  • We offer a money back guarantee. If you purchase and you are not entirely happy, once you send the canvas back we will refund your money.

Painting one of your favorite animals is relaxing and rewarding.  It is a form of meditation and our customers tell us that it gives them a feeling of connecting with nature.

Some of our best animal paint by number kits can be seen below:

The Red Fox

Red Fox

This amazing painting kit is exclusive to Paint Plot. If you haven’t read our blog about Szabo Ervin Edward, please click here. It’s a lovely insight into the photographer of the Red Fox Kit, his love of nature and his passion for delivering naturalistic vivid photos. 

The Horse Kit

The Horse Paint By Number Kit

Horses have the biggest eyes of any mammal that live on land.  Their eyes are situated on the side so they are capable of seeing 360 degrees at any one time.  Just a lovely canvas to watch come to life. 

The Forest Wolf

Forest Wolf Kit

The breathtaking Forest Wolf paint by numbers kit is stunning and another design that is exclusive to Paint Plot.  This is one of our most popular animal paint by number kits, it looks amazing hanging on the wall.


Swimming Elephant

Elephants love water and like most mammals they are natural- born swimmers.  The can swim completely submerged underwater and use their trunk to breathe. The Underwater Elephant will be an eye catching edition to your wall.


Green Sea Turtle

The Green Sea Turtle is exclusive to Paint Plot and we think one of our best animal paint by number kits.  This kit has a real feeling of connecting to nature.  Imagine yourself swimming freely through the ocean with this gentile reptile as you create this beautiful piece of art to hang on your wall.


Happy Giraffe Paint by Numbers

This exclusive to Paint Plot animal paint by number kit is a favorite with you all.  We can see why, it just makes everyone smile. This would be a wonderful gift with its tantalizing colors and looks amazing hanging on the wall.                        

If you haven’t already, be sure to read the blog on this talented, quirky Australian Artist Phoebe Dunn.

This is a great design for beginners who are new to paint by numbers because the sections are bigger than some of the other animal designs.

These are just a few of our animal paint by number kits, click here to view the rest of our extensive range.

Please remember our favorite thing is to see your artwork, so don’t forget to share with the Paint Plot Community.

We leave you with our thought for today.

“If you hear a voice within you say that you cannot paint, then silence this and purchase a paint by numbers kit!”

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